There are more than 10,00,000 patients in India suffering from Kidney Failure. About 2,00,000 new patients are added to this pool every year. But only about 50,000 patients have access to any kind of dialysis services. We feel the major reason for this is inaccessibility of the therapy to most of Indian population who live in non-Metro cities.

Sparsh Nephrocare, the pioneer of " in-hospital " dialysis units, is aiming to change all that by partnering with like-minded doctors & hospitals.

Sparsh is making quality dialysis affordable and accessible.

We at Sparsh are committed to the welfare of our patients. We understand that high quality treatment doesn't always have to be expensive and beyond the reach of patients. We also believe that world-class treatment can be provided in functional and frill-free facilities which compromise only on cost and not on quality.

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